Keep your sexy summer tan all year…without the skin damage!


This is not your typical glow like an orange ‘Jersey’ tan. We do advise that your exfoliate first before coming in for your tanning. The product we use gives you a healthy, natural-looking tan.

Please wash your skin with a wash cloth, sponge to remove excess dead skin cells – For even results, use a mild scrub to really smooth out your skin. If you typically shave your legs, do so before you come in for an even application.

  • Golden Glow (1 coat) – $45
  • Deep Bronze (2 coats) – $45

Sunless Tanning Series

BUY A SERIES! Not only SAVE, but get sessions for FREE!

    • Golden Glow or Deep Bronze – Buy 5 get ONE FREE- $225
    • Golden Glow or Deep Bronze – Buy 8 get TWO FREE- $360